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The Webmaster Support Site can help you in these ways:

  • Answer questions
  • Offer guidance
  • Suggest resources
  • Connect with brothers and sisters who also work with websites and social media

Meet the Webmaster

Timothy Canon, Webmaster
Tim Canon

Hi. As the Webmaster for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, one of my key duties is maintaining the Brotherhood’s website. I’m often asked by local lodges for assistance with their sites and advice on using social media or email, so it makes sense to store all the questions and answers in one place – and to allow members to search the site for solutions to their problems.

Not only can you search for answers here, you can also post questions to the community of users on the site or comment about your own progress and successes.

That’s the beauty of this site. Some local lodges are just getting started with a website or social media, while others are up and running. We can all learn from each other about what works best in various situations.

Welcome to the site. Start sharing your experiences, questions, and solutions today!

Content policy

This site is intended for topics about how your local lodge can make best use of websites, social media, and email. We monitor the site regularly and will remove any unrelated content at our discretion. Personal attacks and other bad behavior will be blocked, and the sender will receive one warning. A second offense will result in the sender being blocked from future submissions.